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 PPC Management/Paid Search

Monday, 24 Jun 2024.

Does advertising pay? Well, it cuts both ways. Many people think it does pay in the long run. Others think that it is as unwanted expense and in the end, the word-of-mouth advertising really wins. Right message at right time is what really counts. Whether advantageous or not, one thing is certain that advertising is unavoidable. And nowhere is advertising more relevant than in Internet marketing.

What is PPC and how it works?

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is the form of online marketing used on websites. Online ads also form the part of web page content. As web page content is keyword searchable, keywords are as important in online ads as in other forms of web content (such as text).

The PPC process involves:

  • Bidding for relevant keywords related to products or services on offer
  • Inserting keyword infused ads on websites and weblogs
  • Paying the search engine company the amount based on actual clicks on ads by the users

Higher the bid amount, higher is the listed position. More clicks on ads, more chance of the website’s visibility. Advertisers need to pay only when users click on the ads to visit their websites. You have to pay for every click but that is much cheaper compared to traditional advertising.

PPC campaigning via ACEXLOGICS

Successful PPC campaign by AXL involves PPC management on Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter, and involve these steps:

  • Analyzing your business, products, services, customers, advertising budget and your short and long term goals
  • Researching, evaluating and testing the most relevant keywords
  • Designing the keyword-rich, catchy and creative ads
  • Customizing the ads for search engines
  • Framing bid strategies and applying conversion tracking and reporting tools
  • Uploading the ads, bidding, monitoring click-thru rate and tracking conversions
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