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 Search Engine Marketing

Monday, 27 May 2024.

Why is search engine marketing important?

In the initial years of the Internet, the amount of websites was not much and it was easy to manage it. The spread of the Internet and increased connectivity coupled with easier website launching process gave rise to millions of sites. Soon there was the problem of plenty as the figure became difficult to manage. In came the search engines, notably Google, that tried to put the vast number of websites in some order.

While web searching is now easier, it has generated some problems as well. Search engines return the information based on keywords put in by the users. Since search engines are able to show only few results at one time, the rank of one’s website on search engine result pages has become a key factor. The earlier a website appears on search engines, the better its chance of gaining user attention. This is more imperative in case of online business sites. In order to obtain better rank on search engines, not only a website should have good look and feel, its content should also contain relevant keywords that are most likely used.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is therefore an important factor in owning a website. SEM is the practice of promoting websites by increasing their visibility on the Web, both in terms of quantity and quality of traffic generated.

The SEM methodology and ACEXLOGICS

At ACEXLOGICS, we follow the following time-tested and step-by-step SEM methods:

  • Search engine optimization or SEO that deals with keyword research and analysis, rewriting or editing the content and HTML coding, optimizing the content based on target keywords, designing SEO friendly website and navigation structure, and rewriting the URL if needed.
  • Offsite optimization that involves methods such as sitemap generation, link building, directory submission, press release, social bookmarking and blogging.
  • Pay per click or PPC management, a type of online advertising that involves placing keyword-rich catchy ads on other websites and blogs.
  • Paid inclusion or paying the search engine company the necessary fees for priority inclusion of websites on their search index, a method quite useful when urgent placement is needed.
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