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 Web 2.0 Web Page Design

Monday, 24 Jun 2024.

Web sites and Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a concept. It is an idea whose time has come. It is not the new or better version of Web 1.0 as some people would like to think. Web 2.0 is a shift from Web 1.0 or the change in the way we use and view web sites at this point of time. Let’s have a look at the list below and see the difference between the two:

Web 1.0

  • Static pages, packaged content
  • One-way information flow
  • Individualized websites
  • Dial-up, slow bandwidth
  • Web as information source

Web 2.0

  • Dynamic pages, user-created content
  • Mutual information flow
  • Blogs, forums, social networking sites, photo/video sharing sites, wikis, etc
  • Broadband, improved browsers
  • Web as interactive, participatory platform

Web developers and Web 2.0

The shift to Web 2.0 has been subtle and slow but sure to stay. This does not mean that web developers should sit idle. They will need to change their strategies with changing times. Users are the new kings now. They want to play the key part in web usage. They are refining the Web.

They are ready to rule the Web. New age web developers will need to pay heed to the users. They will need to use and try new web design practices to draw the new age user base.

Web page design and Web 2.0

What is in for the future of web page design with respect to Web 2.0? Web design services will have to think out of the box while building new sites. Web 2.0 is about interactive web sites, dynamic content and a focus on users. Web page designers will have to keep in mind all the above factors.

ACEXLOGICS and Web 2.0

The notion of Web 2.0 has been around since 2004. As proactive web designers, we always tend to learn from the past and follow the future. Present web page design practices at AXL include:

  • Build dynamic pages; use appealing logos, images, graphics, animation, video and call to action buttons
  • Infuse interactivity in pages
  • Invite and encourage user participation
  • Submit gripping articles to blogs and forums
  • Build rapport and links with social networking sites and photo / video sharing sites
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