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 Web Marketplace Application Development

Thursday, 18 Apr 2024.

Traditionally, a marketplace is a place where a market operates and goods and services are exchanged. Rural bazaars, city square markets, street markets, wholesale markets, and by extension, the modern shopping malls are some examples of traditional marketplaces.

New markets are emerging online with the rapid increase in the Internet access. The best known example among these marketplaces is eBay, a large, global auction house for products. The internet has also allowed less common marketplaces to flourish by connecting buyers and sellers from different locations. The formation of online marketplaces often occurs quickly in response to social or economic trends. Internet marketplaces can further be categorized as B2B and B2C marketplaces.

While many online shopping marts exits on the Web whose main function is to sell products online, web marketplace or internet marketplace is a type of web site where people can buy as well as sell the products. Web marketplace sites offer the huge number of products hence they require a range of applications.

Web Marketplace Applications

Typical applications for the web marketplace include email, product listing, product pricing, products demos, shopping cart, enterprise content management, online transaction processing, supply chain management, inventory management, and safe payment gateway systems, among many other custom made applications.

As a dynamic web development company, our services are not limited to developing normal web pages for normal web sites. We can custom create all kinds of applications for your business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) websites. One of the main benefits of web marketplace applications is that they make your work much easier. For example, a B2C company can verify the stock position, sales data and accounting information at touch of the computer keys, as well as answer to the customer email queries.

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