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 Hire Web Designer

Monday, 27 May 2024.

Do you wish to open the doors to online success? An attractive website can enable this as it can create a strong online presence and brand identity. Hire web designer from AXL and make your website gain that magnetism and charisma to attract the attention of your targeted audience. The professional web designers at AXL are expert in designing Web 2.0 style web designs.

We are an Pakistani web services company with a local support presence in California, USA. We combine the best of both the worlds in our web design services and provide you with one stop shop for your entire web outsourcing services related needs. Each of our services and web outsourcing business model is well formulated and designed to help you get one step closer to online success. The latest and the most popular technology is always with us much before our competitors.

When you hire a web designer, you can:

  • Assign any number of projects to your hired web designer
  • Assign any number of tasks for your web design projects.
  • Change project priorities as per the requirement.
  • A full time hired web designer will work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 160 hours a month or whichever is finished earlier.
  • We will charge you fixed advance monthly fees and the cycle will repeat once the hours get utilized or when the month gets over.
  • All the work done by the web designer is your property. You need to send all the images, text content, etc.... which are required to accomplish the project. You need to make sure that whatever is delivered by the web designer is proper and correct. We as a web design company will not be responsible for any legal claims that may arise due to usage of images, content, etc... which the web designer uses for your project.
  • You need to make sure that you send enough work that will keep the web designer busy for 8 hours daily as per the monthly cycle. We as a web design company will not be responsible for managing the resources or offering project management services. You can assign any work and get the work completed as per your requirement. You will receive daily work reports from your hired web designer about the task updates and accomplishments.

Why Prefer Us?

  • We are the most reliable web design outsourcing company as we are a very ethical and transparent company.
  • Reliability and long term proposition for all our clients-partners.
  • Excellent quality of work. Our offshore web designers can design and re-design your already existing website giving a new facelift to the existing website design.
  • Good understanding of your web design projects and systematic implementation of the same with various quality checks.
  • Flexibility in pricing.
  • Timely completion of web design project.
  • Hire web 2.0 designer and make him a part of your existing web design team to work on your projects dedicatedly.
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